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Treat Your Customers Right and GROW Your Buiness!

“The customer is always right” is a famous business slogan. The underlying truth behind this statement is recognizing that customers are the life blood for any business. Understanding the importance of good customer service is essential for a healthy business in creating new customers, keeping loyal customers, and developing referrals for future customers. Take a […]

Before you go head-first into a business venture, consider these three factors

At times people launch a startup for all the reasons – more of a focus on being wealthy and less so on finding something they love. While it may lead to riches, it could leave you feeling unfilled. Don’t make that mistake. Before you go head-first into a business venture, make sure you consider these […]


If you truly are committed to this process keep with it. You may not see results in the first day or the second day but if you stick with the process and the steps you will start to see results! This is not a get rich quick scheme.


I have 34 sales in eBay and have made over $1,490.00 just by selling used Collectibles, antiques, jewelry, designer clothingAntiques, silver, boots, handbags, and sterling silver. Coaching has made me a better seller and advertiser for my product and if you are disciplined and serious and persevere you can make this work for you.


I am very satisfied so far. I have no complaints. I got stumped on the time limits for payments through PayPal. My coach helped me right away. Don’t be afraid to motivate yourself and never be afraid to ask questions, no matter how foolish you feel they are.


Various items from my household such as collectible figurines, software/games, computer monitor, fishing lures, etc. I also purchased the following items for resale: luggage and bath/kitchen faucets. Keep at it. Starting up a new business takes a lot of time and effort. I came on board hoping to spend only 10 -15 hours each week […]


I have made 16 sales! I am done with my phone coaching. I could not have gotten this far without him. My obstacles that I have overcome include: Basic computer knowledge Finding information on eBay Figuring out how to make a profit Deciding on items to sell Don’t give up. It can be discouraging at […]


eBay is a fabulous starting point to gain confidence in selling products online. eBay provide all the necessary tools so you can start selling immediately and get your business up and running. eBay is a great way start making money and it’s so EASY! “Just do it’ – you’ll be amazed by what you can […]


5 sales with more to come! I have sold various unused goods from around the house. I am now moving into wholesale and dropship goods. Stick to it, stay focused, ask questions, and you will find things fall into place with the help of your coach. I see myself being quite successful with continued effort


I have made 32 sales on eBay and made over $1,271.35. We have been selling clothing, shoes, sports collectibles, items from sales or garage sales, and jewelry. Every week we have questions about the process and how to do certain things on eBay. Our coach has been very helpful in answering our questions and giving […]

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